It won’t be wrong to say, that European car brands are the leading brands of car in the automobile market. According to a statistics, about 22 % of the passenger cars are manufactured in the European Union. Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz are some of the very renowned names and the most loved cars in the market.

European cars are known for the luxury they offer, their features, styles and amazing services. If you are a proud owner of one, you may love it the most. You may love to pamper your car, a small dent on it may cause you a heart-attack and you make sure that your car shines like a brand new one every day.

European Car service-

There are many European car service specialities that are trusted and most efficient name in their business. They offer maintenance and service of all European cars models such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. The mechanics of such European car service providers are highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals who know the European cars from in and out, understands all its techniques and are always up to date with the standards of the industry. They have knowledge of about intricacies of various models. Their team is customer friendly who will try their best to give you a satisfactory service. Clients are their top most priority and they handle every car with utmost care as if they are their own. They understand the worry you may feel while handing over your car to someone unknown and but trust them, they will give you amazing results and you will always return back to avail their services.

Services offered by the European car service specialist-

They understand that each European car model is unique which need a special tailored service.  The centres of European car service providers are well equipped with latest technology. They are one stop shop for all the services such as

  • Diagnostic repair and testing.
  • Fuel injection servicing.
  • Replacement of tyres.
  • Mechanical repair.
  • Pre-purchase inspection.
  • Diagnostic equipments.
  • Dyno tuning and testing.
  • Power upgrades.
  • Tyre servicing.
  • Specialised servicing.

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Other beneficial services offered by them are-

Vehicles on floor-

  • Sunroof guide rails.
  • Headlight levelling system.
  • Lighting system.
  • Direction indicators or hazards.
  • Instrument illumination.
  • Headlight wiper
  • Headlight wash.
  • Rear screen wash.
  • Rear wiper.
  • Front screen wash.
  • Front wiper blades.
  • Interior lamps.
  • Horn
  • ABS warning system.
  • Headlight system.
  • Heater or blower.
  • Controls or switches.
  • Mountings or seat belts.
  • Footbreak travel.

Fully raised vehicles-

  • Auto transmission oil filter.
  • Auto transmission oil.
  • Engine oil filter.
  • Engine oil.
  • Tyre pressure.
  • Road wheel.
  • Condition of tyres.
  • Brake hydraulic system.
  • Handbrake linkage or cables.
  • Rear brakes disks.
  • Rear brakes pads.
  • ABS sensor wiring.
  • Front disk brake.
  • Front brake pads.

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If you are wondering whether it is a good idea to go for the cash for car service or not, you must read through the text below. Cash for cars is a good option especially in Melbourne, but there are a few things you would want to know and be prepared with before you make a deal. One of the most important things is to choose the right company; if you have done that, you have taken care of more than half the job.

Here are a few things that would be helpful for you to learn about the process:

1) Keep the important information ready

If you are exploring the ‘cash for cars’ opportunity, there are some pieces of information you need to be ready with. If it is possible for you, find out the model, make and year of the car you are going to sell. You should also be able to tell the company about the condition of the car and whether it can be operated. However, if you do not know any of it, there is no need to worry. You can call the company and they will take a close look at the car and figure everything out. It puts you in the driver’s seat if you know more about the car you are planning to sell.

2) The estimate of vehicle

The price of every car on sale is not the same and the companies know that. This is the reason why there is no fixed price applicable to all cars. The professionals inspect the car and draw the estimate. A lot of factors are taken into account for deducing the car estimate. For instance, the condition of the car, whether it is operational or not, and the quality of the interiors and exteriors, are some of the things considered. While some vehicles are dismantled and the parts are sold individually, others are repaired and sold again. Every aspect of it is considered before determining the price.

3) The Towing of the Vehicle

Once both the parties have consented on the estimate, the next step is to get the vehicle removed from the property. It is important to determine if towing cost is included in the estimate. Most of the companies offering cash for cars services also offer the free towing. But, you need to be clear before signing anything. Towing cost can eat into a big chunk of the sale price. In certain cases the company may not pay anything to you for the vehicle but offer free towing so that the space on the property can be freed.

4) Paperwork involved

A lot of people are concerned about the paperwork involved as it can be a big hassle sometimes. Thankfully, with the reputed companies that provide cash for cars the paperwork is very little. You just need to hand the vehicle over to the company, sign some papers, and that will be all. If you want to make sure you are getting the best deal, get the car estimate by at least 2-3 companies. This will help you figure out if there is a substantial price difference. Safe side, ensure you have your car checked by  a professional vehicle inspection expert in your city.

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For all racing enthusiasts, the experience of watching a race is a fulfilling one. There are a number of races organized across the world. While it may not be possible to be present at each of the events, it is definitely possible to catch a glimpse of the most memorable racing moments at these events. The Ford Racing blog offers just that. Racing enthusiasts can watch a variety of videos that showcase and highlight the most memorable moments of a racing event. Watch the video which has captured some thrilling and breathtaking moments from the Dakar rally 2014. Watch the racers battle it drive the swankiest of machines on the threatening and intimidating sand dunes.

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Ford Racing has made a name for itself across different parts of the world. From cars in Australia to those in USA, the home of the brand, each one of the machines is recognised for its performance. The birth of Ford’s iconic pony car Mustang took place more than 60 years ago, and it is this car which has revolutionised Ford racing in different forms. In this video, you will see Miller Motorsports, a company in Utah which specialises in providing Mustangs on the racing circuit. Together with Ford Racing, Miller Motorsports Park has created the unique Ford Racing School. They have trained instructors for teaching all kinds of students, whether novices or professional drivers.

For many of us, cars and driving are listless everyday jobs, and racing them doesn’t mean anything more than useless track dirt and noise. For some others, the car is alive and the rush its life. Ford Racing is a one stop resource for anyone who loves cars and wishes to know more about them. Also it caters the need of those, who love them less but have to buy and drive nevertheless. From car racing to car buying, selling or driving, we share descriptive accounts, video links and interesting graphic giving out advice on all these fronts, and updating you from the automotive industry. Watch the given video tour that has been given here, sharing a driver’s Ferrari experience.

If you own a nice and expensive car such as Audi, BMW or Mercedes, you should not take it to just any auto repair shop. Rather, you should take your luxury vehicle to a repair shop with mechanics that has in-depth knowledge on how to repair and service the functionalities of these splendid automobiles. If you want to ensure top performance of your car, you should take it to as European car service Melbourne shop which goes even an extra mile to make auto repairs and maintenance much easier than ever before.

Qualities of the best auto service shop

Specialized team 2016-02-24 12-13-05

You should choose the right repair shop that could make you feel more comfortable in terms of taking care of your special European vehicle. It is better to choose the repair shop that has dealt with vehicles of all makes and models so that you can be sure of getting the best services for your vehicle. As you own a European vehicle like BMW, you need to make sure that the mechanics have in-depth knowledge on the parts and functionalities of your vehicle and provide BMW service Melbourne at competitive prices. They should also pay close attention to every minute aspect of your vehicle while repairing it.

Special training and certifications

The vehicle repair shop you have chosen should care a lot about your car and take enough time to inspect different areas of your vehicle to ensure that you will not face problem in the future. If you want these kinds of specialized services, you can go with authorized European car service Melbourne shop that adheres to higher standard in terms of car services and repairs. If once you’ve purchased your car, you’ll probably want to get vehicle inspection done, if that’s the case then we highly recommend visiting Sydney Premium Vehicle Inspections, here’s a great article that explains further about why get vehicle inspection in the first place.


You should never get your car serviced from a shop that does not provide warranty for their work. If they are not confident about their work and hesitate to give warranty, you can ignore hiring those technicians and move on to someone else that provide minimum of 12 months warranty. Especially when you are buying a used car, you should defenitely do a used car inspection and checks done.

Online appointment 2016-02-24 12-12-54

Convenience is very important when it comes to scheduling an appointment with the repair shop. You should find an automotive repair shop that facilitates you to book appointment online. You can certainly save a great deal of time in personally approaching BMW service Melbourne shop and booking an appointment. With this option, you need not have to wait until the shop opens. Rather you can submit the request form right from the comfort of your home.

With numerous repair shops out there, it could be tricky to choose the right one for you. If you find any repair and service shop with all these qualities, you can be sure of getting reliable and proficient services for your vehicle. So, leave the responsibility of repairing your car to a professional company. This post has been contributed and sponsored by Sydney Premium Vehicle Inspections.

Whenever we think of buying a European car, the whole thought eventually goes on to its services and the spare parts. The luxury of having a car like Mercedes Benz always tends to land the whole talk to the services that come with it along with the expensive maintenance one has to overtake. This problem persists with nearly everyone who has a Mercedes Benz or any other car falling in the same circle of class and luxury. Understanding the above information, we can just make out that the luxurious car will need the services by some trained mechanics.

A Mercedes Benz service specialist in Melbourne is a must if you are looking for the best output. You as a car owner would not want to give your Mercedes Benz to a mechanic who knows less about the car, as the whole service might end up with giving more money for nothing. So it is better if one travels to the service stations made for a specific car itself to add a better tuning to the car through the specialist’s service. Benz service in Melbourne allows one owner to drop his/her vehicle at the service station in order to get it serviced or repaired, whatever the issue is. 2016-02-03 12-30-46

The best thing about these service stations are, that an owner of the car can leave his car at the service station without giving it a second thought, and the service station will take care of it and plus will let you know when the whole service gets done. The mechanics who are employed at the Mercedes Benz service centers are professionals with stars attached to their name. Mercedes Benz service specialist in Melbourne  knows how to operate a Mercedes Benz with the right service methods and the spare parts needed in the whole process.

Specialized in Benz service in Melbourne is the agenda of this impeccable service station. The service Station looks after everything which is related to your car, from mechanical repairs, tyre replacement, fuel injection servicing, testing to the diagnostic repairs, that too under the super vision of the experienced specialists. Benz Service in Melbourne is equipped with wide range of top tools along with the fine men working to get the car fixed. 2016-02-03 12-31-46

You can travel through any of the Mercedes Benz service centre in Melbourne to get your car serviced. Prepare a list of Mercedes Benz service stations that are already based in Melbourne and later you can make a decision, to which one you need to travel. Mercedes Benz service specialist in Melbourneadds an edge to your service hours by taking care of the car well. So, if you are looking to get your Mercedes fixed by these Mercedes Benz service specialist in Melbourne, you just need to get in touch with the top service stations today itself.

American company Ford has been present in the racing scene for many years. It also has a specific vehicle for Australian racing- the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. This came to Australia in 1987 and was with the German team Eggenberger Motorsport. Championships in both 1988 and 1989 were claimed by the Dick Johnson Racing Team for Cosworth’s. The last one was built in 1992, as seen in this video. The car is powered by a 2 litre engine. A 6-speed gearbox is used to power the Cosworth, same as the one in Ford GTR. As per race driver Craig Markland, the vehicle generates a little over 600hp of power.

Luxury cars not only lend a high status in society, but also add more weight to the personality and lifestyle of the owner. Mercedes and Audi cars are considered as the most fashionable and top branded cars in the world. These luxurious cars are made with the modern technology for speed, performance and comfort. However, it is necessary to get the best car service provider who offers a better maintenance services. Choosing the trained personnel for the luxury car is most important to make the car run in the best manner. Only the specialized service offers the unique way of maintaining the models with sharpening the performance of the vehicle.

Mercedes services 2015-12-28 13-44-07

Mercedes Benz calls only for highly qualified technicians to provide better maintenance. The professionals at Mercedes services check all the engine oil, brake fluid, climate control, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, fuel/air induction, battery, drive line, tire condition, pressure check, lighting system and other components.

The reputed Benz service handles all kinds of models with the effective replacement of the car parts. When you like to tune your Benz car then choosing the reputed company will be useful so that they will analyze all excellent option for improving the performance and look of the vehicle. The technicians have the proper certification for repairing the Mercedes models so trusting the professionals will be an excellent option. It is important to trust the specially trained and knowledgeable professionals with the precious vehicle. Since the modern vehicles are completely advanced electronic and computerized system, the expert with the good knowledge of the advancement will be useful.

Audi services 2015-12-28 13-44-20

Audi is one of the most entrusted German luxury cars for the people as it is made for beauty, speed, comfort and higher performance. When your car needs the maintenance or upgrade, then choosing these fantastic and experienced professionals is useful. Of course, the approved Audi service providers with the certified technician are the right place for getting a prominent maintenance result. The Audi specialist Melbourne professionals have the capability to handle all the models.

Audi services offer the best class mechanical repairs, fuel injection servicing, tyre replacement, diagnostic repairs, testing the vehicles and many other specialized servicing methods for the Audi models. The professionals are customer friendly so that it will be easier for you to get more knowledge about the type of services. The professionals strive to offer with best Audi car service along the best class maintenance. Each of the clients is given top priority for maintaining and repairing the vehicle in the best manner.

Having extensive knowledge about the Audi services with the wide range of modern equipments for repairing the Audi car will be prominent for the customers. They provide a thorough inspection in test so if there is any undetected problem seen in the vehicle it can be fixed.