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For all racing enthusiasts, the experience of watching a race is a fulfilling one. There are a number of races organized across the world. While it may not be possible to be present at each of the events, it is definitely possible to catch a glimpse of the most memorable racing moments at these events. The Ford Racing blog offers just that. Racing enthusiasts can watch a variety of videos that showcase and highlight the most memorable moments of a racing event. Watch the video which has captured some thrilling and breathtaking moments from the Dakar rally 2014. Watch the racers battle it drive the swankiest of machines on the threatening and intimidating sand dunes.

You are a racing enthusiast but fail to get your daily scoop of the latest news about car racing? Check out Ford Racing, a blog that specifically caters to the passion exhibited by racing lovers. The numerous blog posts and videos on car racing are sure to fuel your passion for the sport. The blog provides regular updates about the latest trends, innovations and events in the car racing domain. This can be your complete guide for all that you may need to know about car racing. Watch the video to know about the partnership between Ford Racing and Roush. With over 400 wins, the partnership seems to be getting stronger.

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Ford Racing has made a name for itself across different parts of the world. From cars in Australia to those in USA, the home of the brand, each one of the machines is recognised for its performance. The birth of Ford’s iconic pony car Mustang took place more than 60 years ago, and it is this car which has revolutionised Ford racing in different forms. In this video, you will see Miller Motorsports, a company in Utah which specialises in providing Mustangs on the racing circuit. Together with Ford Racing, Miller Motorsports Park has created the unique Ford Racing School. They have trained instructors for teaching all kinds of students, whether novices or professional drivers.

For many of us, cars and driving are listless everyday jobs, and racing them doesn’t mean anything more than useless track dirt and noise. For some others, the car is alive and the rush its life. Ford Racing is a one stop resource for anyone who loves cars and wishes to know more about them. Also it caters the need of those, who love them less but have to buy and drive nevertheless. From car racing to car buying, selling or driving, we share descriptive accounts, video links and interesting graphic giving out advice on all these fronts, and updating you from the automotive industry. Watch the given video tour that has been given here, sharing a driver’s Ferrari experience.

American company Ford has been present in the racing scene for many years. It also has a specific vehicle for Australian racing- the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. This came to Australia in 1987 and was with the German team Eggenberger Motorsport. Championships in both 1988 and 1989 were claimed by the Dick Johnson Racing Team for Cosworth’s. The last one was built in 1992, as seen in this video. The car is powered by a 2 litre engine. A 6-speed gearbox is used to power the Cosworth, same as the one in Ford GTR. As per race driver Craig Markland, the vehicle generates a little over 600hp of power.

The online destination for automobile owners, enthusiasts and racing lovers alike. Scroll through the articles of this blog, and update yourself with anything and everything that’s new and going in Australia’s racing and automotive industry. Learn about maintaining your vehicle, such that it gives you the best experience down the streets, and you know when it’s time for a replacement in your parking space. Also, you can on the blog, the best of service providers around in case you want professional hands at work. In the video given along, you can find a number of tips regarding the maintenance of automobiles.

Watching racing cars in action is always thrilling for the spectators. Different companies make their own cars for the races, and one of the companies is Ford. The US-based manufacturing major has vehicles for every segment of transport. In this video, you can see a race-spec V8 Ford Focus in action. Trace the car’s journey as it is shown from the garage and then on to a race track, culminating in a race with other cars. It belongs to the Australian team of Marc Cars Australia, and is participating at the Spa Euro Race 2014. Amazing engine sound is the hallmark of this video.

Automotive and racing blog are tending now a days, where different writers who are passionate share their experiences about the industry. These blogs have made regular users work easy as they can find all there automotive solutions in one place without wasting time on surfing on net. All These blogs have a dedicated team of professionals who work and guide the users 24/7 tirelessly to make sure that there blogs are always updated with fresh, engaging and relevant content which can be useful to the readers. Ford racing is also a similar blog that ensures its best to be given to its readers in relation to any kind of automotive and racing services.


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This is Race 1 of the 2015 Australian GT Racing championship being held in Adelaide. Some of the cars being driven are Ferrari 458 GT3, Audi R8 Ultra,Aston Martin Vantage GT3, McLaren MP421 C, Porsche 997 GTR and Lamborghini Gallardo FLT1. In the beginning, a warm up lap is carried out by the cars behind the safety car. As per the rules, each car needs to be in the pit lane within 20 minutes of the race.The start of this race was very peaceful and did not witness any crashes or clashes. Within the first lap itself, one could witness wheel to wheel racing and one of the McLaren vehicles spun on the track.