Enjoy the smooth ride of the new Ford Wagon this year

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon 2015 is a joy to ride and much better than its predecessor. A long drive can be a better experience on this one obviously because it is the second generation model. The titanium model is a delight being a cross between an Escape and a Focus but does not match with its name because it looks nothing like a wagon. It is a three-row wagon that has a longer wheelbase. Its styling feature is the greenhouse that makes sure of excellent visibility from all angles. The tailgate of the vehicle is a one piece structure that has to be lifted up.


Check the space Availability Inside:

The interior of the car is very comfortable with comfy leather seats and has a dash layout which is similar to the Focus. The door and the dash have an even solid finish which makes the car look beautiful from the inside. Three people can sit in the middle row and two more in the back. The chair is very comfortable and the seats are raised in stadium-style and both the rows can  slide back and forth. The third row is the most comfortable of the three but not easily accessible. It is more of a utilitarian vehicle than the versatile and traditional minivans. All the seats have ample headroom so it should not be difficult to accommodate a tall person. The middle row can be folded to give additional space vertically. If the second and the third rows are folded then a lot of cargo space is available. The space availability makes the vehicle useful for traveling with family or carrying goods.


Four-Cylinder Engine!

The Transit Connect Wagon, unlike the other Ford cars, uses a turbocharged four-cylinder. It gives greater speed and performance that makes the car more suitable for long drives. The car picks up speed smoothly, modulating it is easily. It also gives a good mileage when taken on the highway which is an improvement from the previous model. It is very stable when the car is running at a great speed but during slow speed with small twists and turns it might not be as comfortable. The sound from the tire suspensions is not as deafening as it used to be. The suspension noise does not harm your daily driving experience.

Beautiful and Agile Machine:

The vehicle is very agile while you are taking sharp turns it does not roll too much and stays in control. The steering is really good and gives a natural feeling while you are turning it. It is assisted by electric power and is very enjoyable is spite of the speed. The car has been extensively tested and has emerged with flying colors. As a second generation vehicle, it has improved that its former model in every way. Driving this car is an enjoyable experience and any of the shortcomings is covered by the model’s beauty, agility, and quite affordable for customers who want a value for the price they pay.


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