How to Keep Your BMW Running Like New

Regular maintenance routine of your BMW ensures optimum safety and a great driving experience. Aided by advanced onboard-maintenance system, SCR catalytic converter and Sensors on board; The BMW continuously monitor its status regarding individual wear-and-tear of car parts and depletion of vehicle fluids. It also automatically displays the next date for maintenance check-up at BMW service Melbourne. Let’s discuss what could be done meanwhile to prevent breakdowns and extend the longevity of your car.

Nothing can be a better option than driving your car carefully. To avoid early wreckage of car’s engine make sure not to force down onto the accelerator pedal during ignition. Take it slow when you begin the drive, shift the gear shaft to neutral at red lights to allow some rest to the engine.

Now day’s car owners often prefer increasing the interval between oil changes. But oil changes at regular intervals discard abrasive dirt and metal particles which otherwise would affect the engine.  Do not hesitate to change oil filters because as the old clogged with oil and dirt continue to mix impurities to the brand new clean oil.

Do not miss to change the brake fluid in every 2 years. While removing the cabin filter, 3 nuts, 6-star torque screw and trim piece take careful measures not to lose any pieces! Disconnect the electrical cords. Wipe the area around the reservoir clean to ensure no contaminants fall into it, also use plastic bag as sheeting to cover the engine bay. Remember to not exceed 20 PSI at any time during flow through bleeding. Nonetheless the system needs to be flushed completely off the old fluid.

It is necessary to replace dirty and corroded spark plug with fresh new one. Pop the hood open, remove the cabin filter and unclip the piece wiring housing to expose the 6 ignition coils. Pull up and detach the wiring from ignition coil. Engage the spark plug socket to unplug worn out spark plug re-assemble everything once you’re done placing the new one.

Tires on top condition are integral part of car maintenance and worth optimum concern; it is mandatory to replace a tire in case of centre tread or shoulder wear which is cause by deviation in actual inflation of tire tubes. Scuffing and cupping calls for correcting faulty wheel bearings and loose parts to restore the tire balance.  A damaged springs or shock absorbers are to be set right as wheel alignment and tire balance enhance the performance of tires. Optimum tire pressure ensures driving safety. Loss of traction can lead to loss of control so one should opt for a high performance tire if it’s within the budget. Strong tires also give a better mileage.

Not just the performance an embellished appearance is also necessary; Wash your car once a week for the shiny and corrosion free glaze. Waxing is advised after wash for a smoother finish. Do not miss the interiors! Vacuum clean the inside of your car thoroughly. If you are in Melbourne and own a BMW, we recommend Sharp Performance as one of the most reliable BMW & Mercedes Benz Service Melbourne.

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